29 July

The Chinese Alligator, A Species On The Brink – I – Pulitzer Center #3

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SEAN GALLAGHER, FOR THE PULITZER CENTER, ANHUI PROVINCE, CHINA This week I travel to the province of Anhui, situated in the Yangtze River basin west of Shanghai. I travel to this region to begin the chapter of my work on the effects of wetland disappearance on animal species in China. As way of introduction to […]

24 July

The Showcase Wetlands – Pulitzer Center #2

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“Green Hills Soothe My Eyes, Running Water Tranquilizes My Mind,” announced the sign to my left as I entered the Xixi Wetland park in Hangzhou. “Only One Future for Our Children – Development Without Destruction,” proclaimed a second sign just a few meters ahead on my right. “Your Planet Needs You – Unite to Combat […]

7 July

Friend and Fellow Photographer Lance Rosenfield on CNN: Detained and Harassed by police in Texas

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I was surprised to learn the other day that a friend of mine and fellow photographer, Lance Rosenfield, had made it onto CNN. I wasn’t surprised that he was in the limelight because he is an excellent photographer…see proof here and here.I was surprised  because he was on CNN since he had just been detained […]

2 July

Images from Desert Workshop at Tianmo

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On Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th June, we headed out on our first “Desert Workshop”, focusing on introducing our students to Tianmo desert which is located just 80km north-west of Beijing. We spent two days exploring the local dune systems and experiencing local life amongst the people of the area. You may think that I […]