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22 February

Chinese Author Shi Kang, for the Wall Street Journal

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If you happen to look at the Wall Street Journal today, keep an eye out for a few images of mine that are online and in print. I recently had the opportunity to spend the day with Chinese author, Shi Kang, on a shoot for the Wall Street Journal. The story has been published today. […]

18 November

How Do You Photograph The Most Powerful Person In The World?

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As many followers of my blog, Facebook and/or Twitter will know, I had a very unique assignment last week, photographing the British Prime Minister David Cameron on his recent visit to Beijing. It was one of the most interesting assignments I have ever had, mainly because of the access that I was able to get […]

16 November

Photo of the Week | 16.11.09 | Bethel Training Center for Blind Orphans

Posted by Sean Gallagher in Editorial Photography

*This week’s ‘Photo of the Week’ is an image from my story on the Bethel Training Center for Blind Orphans, currently being featured on the Photophilanthropy website. Below is the extract which supports the story. To see more images from this story, please click on the Photophilanthropy link.” “I can see, and that is why […]

6 October

Photo of the Week | 05.11.09 | Japanese Commute

Posted by Sean Gallagher in Editorial Photography

I was trawling through my archive today, looking for images to accompany a presentation that I am giving as part of my workshop tomorrow. As I looked through my ‘older’ files, I stumbled upon many of my images that I took while I lived in Japan between 2003-2004. I had just finished University and I […]

2 October

Front Page of the Globe and Mail – 1st October 2009

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I got a surprise yesterday evening when I got a text from a colleague telling me that one of my photos had run on the front page of Canada’s national newspaper, the Globe and Mail. Regular readers of this blog will know that I have been contributing the visuals from China quite a lot to […]