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28 February

Author of The Fat Years, Chan Koonchung, for the Globe & Mail

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Last week I had the opportunity to photograph the Hong Kong author, Chan Koonchung, who has recently sprung to the attention of the international community as a result of the publication of his book, The Fat Years. The Fat Years paints a dystopian picture of China, dissecting the political workings of the country and its […]

16 February

Starving North Korea Welcomes Kim Jong-Il’s Birthday

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“Starving North Korea Send out SOS for Food Aid” is one of the headlines that reads on the Daily Telegraph’s website this week. This week also marks the birthday of the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-Il. I have chosen to mark this day with a video that was released a few months ago on the […]

24 November

Korean Reflections | Images Across A Divide

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View gallery in full size As anyone who has been watching the news in the past 24 hours will know, tensions on the Korean peninsula have been increasing very very quickly following the shelling of a small South Korean island, by the north Koreans yesterday. Tensions are nothing new, however after yesterday’s events it seems […]

21 June

North Korea and the World Cup – As Ever, an Unknown Quantity

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It was about 2:00 a.m. as my taxi careered down the highway that leads from Incheon airport to downtown Seoul. Having just landed in the middle of a lightning storm, the rain was battering the taxi windshield and the GPS on the driver’s dashboard blinked indicating a breaking of the local speed limit. I was […]

4 December

YouTube Channel

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I haven’t announced this officially but I now have a YouTube channel! As I have started to produce more video work and multimedia over the past few months, I obviously want to get this work out to as many people as possible and YouTube seems to be the perfect venue as it is possible to […]

4 October

Video | China’s 60th Anniversary Preparations in Hangzhou

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[youtube][/youtube] The above video is one that I produced for the Globe and Mail newspaper, along with the Asia Bureau Chief Mark Mackinnon and his assistant Yu Mei, a couple of weeks ago. The video centers on the preparations for the country’s 60th anniversary that passed on October 1st, focusing on the city of Hangzhou which lies to the […]

2 October

Front Page of the Globe and Mail – 1st October 2009

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I got a surprise yesterday evening when I got a text from a colleague telling me that one of my photos had run on the front page of Canada’s national newspaper, the Globe and Mail. Regular readers of this blog will know that I have been contributing the visuals from China quite a lot to […]

1 October

On Assignment | China Celebrates its 60th Birthday | Globe and Mail

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Today marks the 60th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China. Here in Beijing, Tiananmen Square has become awash with parades, both military and civilian, as the populace celebrates Mao Zedong’s founding declaration, exactly 60 years ago here in China’s capital. The build up to this event has been quite something. Beijing […]

9 September

Inside North Korea | Video #3 | On the North Korea/China border

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[youtube][/youtube] This is the third and final installment of mine and Mark MacKinnon’s short videos from our trip in North Korea. This third video focuses on the Chinese city of Dandong, which lies on the North Korea/China border and offers a startling contrast between the two sides of the Yalu river. Whilst the city of Dandong thrives, fuelled by the economic […]

8 September

Inside North Korea | Video #2 | The Arirang Mass Games

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[youtube][/youtube] The above video is the second short-video by myself and the Globe & Mail’s Mark Mackinnon from our assignment in North Korea. The topic of this video is the Arirang Mass Games which are held in the May Day stadium in Pyongyang. In case you don’t know, the Mass Games are a gymnastics, dance and […]