Goodbye to Beijing’s Wonderland

A visitor walking around the remains of The Wonderland Theme Park, a construction project on the north-east outskirts of Beijing that was abandoned.

It was always an odd sight. For most, Beijing’s Wonderland was glimpsed from a car, or bus, en route to the Great Wall of China. A double-take was all that most remembered, wondering if they had actually just seen what appeared to be a half-finished Disneyland next to farmland on the outskirts of the city.

For those with time to spare after a day to the Great Wall, or just a sense of curiosity, the dilapidated foundations provided a pit-stop and chance to wander through a strange but intriguing failed building project.

It appears however that this unique place is no more. According to Shanghaiist, it seems that demolition began in late April. The park is making way for a supermarket apparently.

I stopped of at Beijing’s Wonderland last year, as part of an assignment. Here are a few images from a couple of hours wandering the ruins…

A man cycles past The Wonderland Theme Park.

Graffiti inside the Wonderland Theme Park.
Smashed windows in the Wonderland Theme Park.


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