Online Talk with the News Literacy Project and Chicago Middle School

Lindblom Math & Science Academy – Chicago – Photo by Mary Owen – Used with Permission

On Wednesday of this week, I had the unique experience of chatting online for this first time with middle school students at the Lindblom Math and Science Academy in Chicago.

This talk was set-up as part of the News Literacy Project, an organisation that aims to bring journalists into the classroom in the US to help students look critically about news that they are consuming on a day-to-day basis.

The News Literacy Project Website
The News Literacy Project Website

“The News Literacy Project (NLP) is an innovative national educational program that mobilizes seasoned journalists to help middle school and high school students sort fact from fiction in the digital age.

The project teaches students critical-thinking skills that will enable them to be smarter and more frequent consumers and creators of credible information across all media and platforms. It seeks to light a spark of interest in students to seek information that will make them more knowledgeable about their communities, the nation and the world.” – The News Literacy Project Website

It was a real honour to be invited into the student’s classroom (in a cyber-sense) to talk about issues related to China, the nation’s economy, growth and the changes in life for the Chinese people. I tried to emphasise to the students that China, as a subject , is one that we all need to understand better as the world’s most populous nation begins to affect all of our lives.

Please click on the link above and check out some of the work the NLP is doing in bringing journalists into classrooms across the US.

Lindblom Math & Science Academy – Chicago – Photo by Mary Owen – Used with Permission


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