Photo ‘dispels moon landing conspiracy theory’

BBC News

A photo has been released by NASA this week that should, hopefully, put to bed one of the longest-running conspiracy theories out there – the moon-landing hoax.

The image shows a view from above of the Apollo 11 landing site, clearly showing the tracks of the astronauts and pieces of equipment that are still on the surface of the moon. Click here to see the full high-res version.

In case you didn’t know, there is still a small community out there who doubt one of humanity’s greatest achievements, although I think it’s fair to say that the majority of us are pretty confident it did happen. There is so much historical evidence from the actual event itself, that there is no real reason to doubt it actually occured.

One of the things that the conspiracy theorists often point to is the photography that was taken by the astronauts and some of the ‘flaws’ seen in the resulting images, allegedly ‘proving’ that the landings were faked.

Check out this excellent episode of the Mythbusters, who thoroughly deconstruct and investigate some of the theorist’s most popular claims. You can get some great tips, especially if you plan on photographing on the moon sometime soon…

Oh, and if you run into Buzz Aldrin (second man on the moon), you might not want to suggest to him that the moon landings were hoaxed…

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