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Earlier this week I released a video titled ‘Earth Hour: In One Minute’, a time-lapse video that captured last month’s Earth Hour at the Bird’s Nest Stadium in Beijing. I thought it would be fun to use this video as the basis for the first competition that I have run through the blog. Up for grabs is a half-day (3hours) one-on-one workshop with me here in Beijing. Maybe you’d like to brush up on your editing, your night photography, your photoshop skills, your street photography? No problem. We’ll have 3 hours to target anything you want, FREE.

Okay, so how to win? In my time-lapse video I actually appear twice within the video by walking into the foreground. (I was waiting alone in the cold for an hour doing the video, so I had to entertain myself somehow!) The challenge is to tell me the correct second count at which I appear, both times. To clarify, it’s the second count on the YouTube/Vimeo counter NOT the clock in the bottom-right of the screen you see counting down the Earth Hour. You can watch the clip on either YouTube or Vimeo. They are exactly the same.

The first eagle-eyed person to post the correct answers (or closest to them) here on this post on my blog will win the free workshop. Easy as that!

(*Hints* You may have to pause/start the video quickly to see frames individually around the points you think you spotted me. Those who know me and/or have met me on a workshop before, may have an advantage to knowing what I look like…obviously!)

I’ll reveal who is the winner at the beginning of next week, that’s assuming somebody gets it over the weekend! If no-one gets it, I’ll leave the competition open until someone does! Good luck!

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  1. Nice video and music, even though I had to turn the volume off after a while (doesn’t sound so good when you have to press the play/pause button 15 times per second :-).

    Anyway, I’d say 0:26 and 1:04

  2. Charles…I’m happy to say you were the first to get it pretty much spot-on! I’m impressed. That wasn’t easy. Please send me an email to organise your workshop, here in Beijing. Look forward to hearing from you. Sean

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