6 September

5 Myths About China and the Environment – National Geographic News Watch

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5 Myths About China and the Environment – National Geographic News Watch

Delighted to share with you the news of a recent guest blog post that I contributed to the National Geographic website, in their News Watch section. The post is titled “5 Myths about China and the Environment” and highlights some of the misconceptions about China’s environmental issues that I’ve come across over the years covering […]

23 January

Quote of the Week: Michael Nichols

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“If you say you really want my job, okay, here’s the deal. There are no more hobbies, no more fun. You can have fun doing the work, but you have to be completely obsessed with it. I think 99% of the people think that professional photography is travel and adventure, and they forget that photography […]

8 May

Why Care About Water?

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Regular readers here and followers of my work will know that the main focus of my photography is on environmental issues. In recent years, notably on access and availability of water in Asia, specifically China. I came across this short video on the National Geographic website that I wanted to share here with you. It […]

24 March

Global Water Crisis Slideshow at the Newseum

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If you happen to be in Washingotn DC this week, you may want to drop by the Newseum to check out a slideshow that will be on show in the main lobby. The show is being hosted by the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting and National Geographic Society to mark World Water Day, showing images […]

23 March

David Griffin at TED on How Photography Connects Us

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A quick post today to share with you a great video from a TED talk by David Griffin, former Director of Photography, at National Geographic. It’s a few years old now but it’s well worth your time to watch, in case you missed it the first time around. From TED: “The photo director for National […]

4 March

Do you have the most typical face on the planet?

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National Geographic have just released a series of very interesting articles in their latest issue, on the status of humanity’s population. As part of their interactive features, they released the video above titled ‘the face of 7 billion’, depicting what is the most common face on the planet. Do you have it? It seems that […]

10 September

Probably the Best Photography Blogs in the World

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Recently, I’ve read with interest a couple of lists that have emerged about the best photography blogs out there. It seems we’re all blogging now and it’s hard to find ones that consistently deliver great content. It’s a tough job. Blogging takes a lot of effort in both time and resources which makes it impressive […]

12 April

China’s Growing Sands in National Geographic China

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I am delighted to announce here on my blog that this month’s issue of National Geographic China contains a 12-page essay of my images and text, about my Pulitzer Center-sponsored work on “China’s Growing Sands”. This is a wonderful opportunity to reach out to a new audience in China and bring wider attention to the […]

22 January

Inside a Photographer’s Notebook #3

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<<Return to the Learning Zone I haven’t done one of these posts for a while, so thought it was about time I shared another page from my notebook. If you haven’t seen the previous posts on this, you can head here and here to see them. The concept is simple. When I was beginning in photography […]