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The Other Hundred – Educators

I’m pleased to share the news that I have been asked to be a nominator for this year’s ‘The Other Hundred’ project. The initiative aims to highlight the work of people who are doing extraordinary things for their communities through, since time through education.

If you are a photographer who has taken images of people who fit the criteria below, please drop me a line and let me know. I’d be happy to consider in for nomination to the judges.

Here’s the main information about the project this year from the main website:

We want you to send us photographs of the world’s Other Hundred Educators – people with their own special ways of sharing knowledge who you have never heard of.

We are looking for the unconventional educators who are out there in all walks of life. Some work in classrooms, both regular and alternative. Some have no formal qualifications but, use teaching to change lives. Some have passed on knowledge from generation to generation. Some have taught through example not words.

Tell us about them! The Other Hundred Educators – people we can all learn from.

Winning entries will be chosen by a world-renowned jury including: Ruth Eichorn of GEO Magazine, Ami Vitale of National Geographic and Zoher Abdoolcarim of Time Asia!

Past participants include such award-winning photographers as Ami Vitale, Reza, Felix Masi, Tomasz Tomaszewski, Edwin Koo, and Franco Pagetti. The first two editions of The Other Hundred have been featured in over 150 media outlets, including CNN, BBC, Al-Jazeera, The Guardian, Forbes, and NHK. Photographs from the winning 200 stories have been exhibited all over the world including the Derbyshire (UK), Hong Kong, Dubai, Paris, Berlin, Beijing and so on. Click here to see the 200 stories from our first and second edition.

We are launching our worldwide open-call for submissions Starting October 15th, 2015 until February 15th, 2016. Each entry must be accompanied by 250-500 words that tells the story behind its subject (s) – who they are, how they are imparting knowledge and experience and the impact they have on others.

We know there is a chance that what we are looking for will not already be in your portfolio. We encourage entrants to go out and look; you might simply start with someone inspiring in your own community.

Submissions may be a single photograph or a series of up to 10 photographs.

All submissions are free.

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