Cambodia Burning Wins British Journal of Photography Award


I’m very pleased to share the news that Cambodia Burning has won the ‘Moving Image’ category in the British Journal of Photography’s ‘Decade of Change’ Awards.

“Around the world, governments are repeatedly failing to act on climate change. But photography can serve as a mirror. A warning sound. A vehicle for truth. From 1854 and British Journal of Photography, Decade of Change is a global environmental initiative conceived to harness the universal power of photography to galvanise climate action.”

This is one of the most significant awards the film has received over the past 7 months since its release and it helps bring more attention and awareness to the ecological crisis taking place in Cambodia. The film will be exhibited online through the British Journal of Photography and will be screened in Hong Kong and New York this year.

Thank you to the Pulitzer Center who made this project happen and special thanks to my collaborators in the field who helped make this project possible.

Learn more about the other selected works and the upcoming exhibitions HERE

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