Dongting – A Lake in Flux

Followers of my blog will know that since last summer, I have been working on a project photographing and creating multimedia reports about the state of China’s wetlands, sponsored by the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting.

The above video is the third in a series of seven that I am producing. Four and five are already complete, with six and seven coming very soon, however, I am working with a well known organisation to launch these as one package in the coming months. Much more on this soon…

I hope you enjoy the above video which highlights the plight of Dongting Lake, one of China’s most vital water systems. To view the first two installments of these videos, please head to my Vimeo channel here.

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  1. Excellent work. I do like a lot your storytelling, very efficient. I’m moving into using the 7D DSLR as a film documentary tool (I’m a photojournalist), which 70-200 F4.0 do you use the IS or non IS one.
    Thks and “keep on moving”

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